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Marine Fuels belongs to the holding “Empresas Copec”, which is present in more than 80 countries developing activities related to the distribution of fuels, forestry, fishing, and mining, among others. Currently, Copec holds more than 60% of the market share of the fuel business in Chile, serving over 2500 industrial clients. Copec has more than 650 service stations, 18 fuel distribution plants and one main lubricant plant that distributes all types of lubricants through their 8 storage plants throughout the country.


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Copec supplies fuel through two modern barges that allow us to deliver what you need in record time.

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Copec has a fleet of more tan 700 trucks to supply fuel and lubricants to ships and cruises at every port in Chile.

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Copec offers this service at the ports of Quintero y Cabo Negro. It allows for a faster supply process while complying with the highest standards of safety.

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