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About us

Copec belongs to the holding company “Empresas Copec", with presence in more than 80 countries developing activities related to fuel distribution, the forestry industry, fishing activities, mining, among others.

The fuel sector distributes fuels in all its forms: gas, fuel and lubricants.

Copec controls approximately 60% of the fuel market through more than 640 gas stations as well as industrial customers.

Copec started as a petroleum company in 1934 and initiated its bunker service in 1970. At first, deliveries were by truck; however, in 2000, Copec incorporated bunker supplies by barge, consolidating our market position. Today, Copec Marine Fuels has barges of last generation and leads the bunker market with 70% of the Market Share.

Copec Marine Fuels became a member of the IBIA Corporate Association on 21 December 2004..

Our Service

Copec Marine Fuels is the leader in the fuel industry in Chile, providing its customers the best service and quality in all its products. The success of our operations nowadays lies in a competent and excellent service. We are able to understand the close relationship between our buyers and suppliers, which is why Copec provides a full-time service 24/7, just as the market demands it to be. Our operations has become in standard of performance and a has achieved a leading position in the market through solid and trustworthy business relations. Our commitment is to be “first in service” and it has allowed us to demonstrate concepts such as JIT (just in time) and KAIZEN (continuous improvement).

How we supply?

Copec supplies fuel through modern barges, tank trucks and pipelines systems:



Copec also supplies fuel to ships and cruises through its fleet of more than 700 trucks


The ports of Huasco, Quintero and Cabo Negro have this alternative supply.

Market Coverage

Copec is present in all the ports of Chile, in this map you can see how we supply in each of them.

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Forms of Supply

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